Local History

The photograph collection below is not organized in any particular order, except by subject. Any photograph with a caption was (in most cases) written verbatim from the original description written on the backside of the photograph.

Most of the photos were held by the Wabasso Museum until it closed sometime in 2009-2010. Six years later, in 2015, the Library was able to obtain the Museum's historic photo collection. Each individual photograph was then scanned, digitized, and labeled by Library staff. We are happy to make this collection available to the public again.

Additional photographs have been added to the digital collection by courtesy of private individuals lending us their family photos. If you have any old photos having to do with Wabasso or any of its citizens that you would like to share, we invite you to contact the Library so we may continue to build a pictorial history of the town, its surrounding area, and its people.

Just click on an album in order to view the photos. Individual photos can also be downloaded and printed.