Vacant Seat on Library Board

The Wabasso Library Board of Trustees invites interested citizens to consider volunteering to fill a vacant seat on the Library Board. The vacant term expires January 2024. Meetings are held once a month and rarely last over an hour. This is a great opportunity to serve your community as being a library trustee means caring about the library!

The Library Board of Trustees consists of 5 members and has the obligation of overseeing the Director and Library staff, and seeing that the Library’s mission is being carried out, which is “…to provide quality materials and services for the fulfillment and enrichment of educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs for the community and its surrounding townships.”

Appointments to the Wabasso Library Board are made by the City Council of Wabasso.

If you wish to submit your name for consideration, call 507-342-5279 or visit the library.